MARIN, ELAJIEK, LOPEZ, & MARTINEZ P.L. Sponsors Miami Rescue Mission Events in July 2019

MARIN, ELAJIEK, LOPEZ, & MARTINEZ P.L. Sponsors Miami Rescue Mission Events in July 2019Dear Melissa & Marin Eljaiek Lopez Martinez Attorneys At Law Team,

Happy Wednesday! With the help of our wonderful volunteers & supporters we were able to give so much love and much needed items to those in need in our community. It has been a busy summer for all of us here at the Miami Rescue Mission! From hosting a Summer Camp for at-risk youth, to our annual Career Fair and Christmas in July celebration to our Back to School Bash, together we have given so much to our community.

On July 25th many of our residents and outside guests had a chance to meet potential employers and received information and resources so they are able to reintegrate into society. Later that day, our Summer Camp did their “Dream Big” show and it was just phenomenal to see how much the children learned during the summer.

On Saturday, July 27th, nearly 400 children in need and at risk youth received brand new sneakers, new backpacks with supplies and the families received boxes with non-perishable food items, all donated by our supporters.

Statistics say we have hundreds and thousands in our communities that are hungry and have no shelter.  Your compassion and service helps RESCUE these precious lives and give them HOPE. Our events would not be the same without your help! YOU are one of our life changing partners and we thank YOU for making a difference in the lives of many that feel hopeless and forgotten.

Thank you for being a HERO in helping the homeless and hungry from our community, I hope you enjoy the pictures included here.

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