Marin Eljaiek & Lopez & Lopez Wins Landmark Judgment Against State Farm

MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 –Marin Eljaiek & Lopez, a full-service Miami-based law firm, announced today a ruling against State Farm Florida Insurance Company in favor of plaintiffs who alleged a breach of policy in their homeowners case.

Coral Gables residents Jorge Linares and Judith Balda purchased their dream house in 2005, located at 530 Alminar Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146. They made all premium payments on time and made no claims in over four years since activating their policy. In 2009, the couple left on a weekend vacation and returned to find unexpected damage in their home. The supply line under their house broke, causing a major leak, buckling hardwood floors and leaving a musty smell throughout the house.

The couple took it upon themselves to fix the broken pipe, and filed what they felt was a standard claim with their insurer to fix the damage. State Farm sent an adjuster to their home, and court records show he spent very little time with the claimants and failed to even explore the crawl space under the house. State Farm promptly denied the claim, resulting in the lawsuit being filed. The final verdict in the jury trial awarded the plaintiffs $58,268.52, in addition to the current pending claim of over $250,000 in legal fees.

“As a first rate litigation law firm that brings strategic thinking, first-rate tools and aggressive representation on claims big and small, we take great pride in successfully taking on insurance giants like state farm,” said Anthony M. Lopez of law firm Marin Eljaiek & Lopez. “In this current environment of insurance companies rampantly taking advantage of claimants, implementing rate hikes and denying claims, it’s encouraging to balance the scoreboard with at least one case.”

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