At Marin, Eljaiek, Lopez & Martinez, P.L. we work with business owners and entrepreneurs to resolve legal disputes effectively and quickly. We offer a menu of services to help guide and protect your business.

From structuring your business, to preparing your internal operating agreements and shareholder plans, to implementing legal protection in your service contracts, we’re here to help strengthen your business in growth both now, and in the future.  We also offer a customized General Counsel program that allows businesses like yours to benefit from our expertise and legal professionalism. Our streamlined approach ensures businesses like yours can receive the ongoing legal guidance.  Our firm offers a unique blend of business counsel background and legal experience, combined with a practical approach to handling all of your company’s transactional and litigation needs.

We look forward to serving your needs, and telling you about the breadth of our knowledge in Commercial Litigation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our Coconut Grove law office at 305.444.5969 or contact us by email.